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Welcome to our children's parties page!

Booking one of our childrens' parties opens the doors for your children and their friends to embark on a voyage of fun and adventure. The emphasis is on interaction with the wildlife that we bring; handling and learning about the wildlife, and also information about the animals that we can use in the development of our own lives, we also build in other things such as road safety.

We bring everything we require with us, except for three dining room/classroom style chairs which we will need at the venue, allowing you to only have to think about any food you may be providing for your young naturalist explorers. On arrival, we will set up our 'portable rain forest' which will house the animals that we will bring (in their special travel cases of course!!!). Out front, we will put a floor covering down which the guests will all sit around. If the event is for a birthday party, the birthday boy or girl will be able to sit with us to handle every animal, as long as they are happy to - we are not here to scare anybody!!! In fact, from about the age of 6, we will encourage the birthday child to assist us by taking many of the animals around the group. We aim to give as many opportunities for the guests to come out front to help us as well.

The show works very well for small groups, or larger ones too if they are all real enthusiasts. We always encourage any adults to join in too... we usually get a few grown up gate-crashers!!!

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