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Residential and Care Homes

We love our work tremendously and feel very lucky to be able to do what we do, and working with senior members of our society is another one of the joys. As with our other presentations, the big part is the interaction that everyone will have with the wildlife we bring over to your home. These presentations are always so much fun and again are suitable for any ability.

During a presentation, your residents would get to meet birds of prey, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, all of which come from our private zoo.


The main aim of our work is to allow your residents to get close to and handle the animals under our expert tuition, so providing a memorable experience. We have found over the years that working with animals has many advantages and provides a positive therapy by stimulating all the senses, as well as the mind. Many of the dementia homes we go into tell us how many of their residents retain the memories of the experiences they have with us, and it is always such a delight to see the smiles we get on arrival from residents who often remember us. Not only does everyone find it a positive experience mentally, but from a tactile and sensory angle too, and coupled with a friendly, humorous and fact filled delivery, we all have an amazing time.


We also find that care homes often book us to attend during the school holidays, where all generations of families can enjoy the experience together. Opening the event up to families is also often used to either offset the cost, or as a fund raiser. We have a 100% positive feedback from all of our clients, whose residents have a wonderful time and take away new knowledge and often a real boost in confidence. Our work with dementia residents was actually documented by ITN back in June 2017.


Health and safety is paramount and we are fully insured and DBS checked. We do our talks in the centre of the room over a floor covering with the residents and guests seated around us so that we can engage with each member, and go to volunteers who may be less mobile to have a go at handling particular animals that they would like to hold. We erect a rainforest themed screen at one end of the room behind which we put the travelling cases.


If you would like any more information, please do give us a call on 07375 565444 or 07740 041481, or email us at

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