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Special Needs Activities and Workshops
Special Needs Schools and Groups

We have over ten years of experience working with special needs groups, adapting our presentations to cater for all kind of needs. We utilise sensory stimuli, encouraging the use of senses and movement for those with physical needs. For learners with learning needs, we pitch delivery to accommodate for every different level of ability. We hold the group's attention by making the show very dynamic, getting everyone involved, and having both of us there allows us to engage with each learner individually, while keeping everyone focused and a part of the whole event. Having everyone participating together gives everyone reassurance, affiliation and an elated feeling throughout. Of course, many learners with autism may feel easier if given a more one-to-one approach in a smaller group environment which is fine; we go at the speed, ability and comfort of your learners.


We have found that when interacting with animals, those with a whole range of different needs can connect in a very unique way, which can then be built upon with other subjects, and daily life. One way is in confidence building​. We once worked with a young lady who would not speak. We did three one to one sessions with Gemma, and on the fourth she joined us in a bigger group, held a chinchilla and managed to address the rest of the group saying what the animal was and what it felt like. Her tutors were over the moon and the experience went through the whole group like lightning, which was an even bigger boost to Gemma's confidence.


There are many areas, especially when working with autism and physical needs where not just a fun time can be had, but other real benefits too. Clients regularly remark on how members of their groups have really benefited from the sensory and therapeutic effect that working with the animals can have, and as a result we have many longstanding and regular clients, booking us on average twice per year. We have a lovely reference from one of the tutors that we worked with before she changed jobs:



"Ben came to the college over a period of time, in order to work with the learners and teach them about animals and wildlife, bringing with him each time a menagerie of different animals.


Ben treated the learners with care and compassion, taking his time to acknowledge and answer their questions, even though many of the young people had difficulty with their communication skills.


Ben demonstrated patience and understanding of the learners needs by giving them opportunities to engage, and space to be themselves when necessary.


Ben’s gentle sense of humour and his instinctive understanding of the complexities of the learners physical, mental and emotional needs, combined with his desire to help others less fortunate than himself, all came together to make his learning sessions amazingly fantastic for everyone.

Even when snakes and birds were involved and the lesson needed to be watched through the window by some staff!"



Siobhan Pitts

Senior Curriculum Tutor – St. Elizabeth’s College 2005 to 2015

All bookings made for SEN groups and activities receive a further discount from standard rates.

If you have received a letter offering a discount, please call 07375 565444 to redeem the discount.


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